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Post by itzray on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:36 am

Rayner Law
19 years young :3
Malaysia Penang GMT+8

Character Name:

Contact information(e-mail/skype etc):
Wechat ID - LoLi_Ahgong

What position are you applying for?

What languages are you fluent in?
Mandarin, English, Malay, Thai, Cantonese, and little bit of Japanese o.o

How often during the week are you free?
Most of them.

How many hours, daily, would you be available during the weekdays/weekends?
Monday - Friday = 5pm - 12am, will take about 30mins to take dinner and shower.
Weekends/Holiday = Once i wake and play till i sleep? Cause i not a type that like to go out from home in weekend? lolol

How long have you played Maplestory?
For Maplestory Private server? 2years
For real maple? Never lol

How long have you played Maple Valor?
3 days and Half

How long have you been playing MMOs?
I don't know lol.

Have you ever been a GM of another server?
Yes, HGM in MalwareStory, And Admin in ExperimentalStory

How long did you stay in that position?
For HGM, I stay this position about 4 month.
For Admin, about 1 years until its shutdown.

What was required of you in this position?
Responsible, Loyalty, Active
Friendly, Cool, Hot <3

Do you have proof of your experience?
iiiiiiiiiiii GM App 2013 <a href=iiiiiiiiiiii GM App 2013 Malware" />iiiiiiiiiiii GM App 2013 1011492_367036503419625_1330252094_n_zps07b96feb"

A fellow staff member is abusing his/her powers, what do you do?
The first step would be confronting them about it. If they ignored the warnings and still abused their powers, I'd record it and send to the server owners, contacting them about it.

A fight is going on among some players, how would you settle the situation?
GO into the middle fight and ask them what they fight for, and listen to the situation, if both player did wrong, and do not stop fighting, i will put them in jail until they calm down.

How does one go about donating to Maple Valor?
Will ask for the detail and send to the server owners, contacting them about it that there's someone gonna donate to server.

How long must you have played prior to applying as a staff member?
2 days and above.

What is the age limit requirement to apply for a staff position?
must be 16+ to apply.
must be a mature and respectful player
must get along with all of the current staff members.
play at least 2 days and have an 120level char or above.

Why do you want to be part of the Maple Valor staff?
I love to help and care for every person in the server of MapleValor. Im very friendly and dedicated to my job, I love to go and talk with everyone in the server and have fun at times by hosting events.

What do you bring to the table as a GM?
i don't know how to answer this Sad

Why should we hire you, as a person?
Because I'm hard worker, I learn fast, and I'm willing to do almost anything to make the player happy. I try talk with the staff and help ingame as much as I can, Even though I'm not GM, I still try to act professional but friendly at the same time, I would also feel like a mentor to some players, I don't wan to be Gm for the power but to help more people than I already can.


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