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Post by Anna on Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:07 pm

Game Master Prerequisites:

  • You have to have been playing Maple Valor for at least 2 days before you can apply, and must have a character over level 120.
  • Please use the best English you can, we do not appreciate people applying when they "tlk lik diz" on their applications.
  • If you start an unnecessary fight on the forums you will lose your chance of being GM. Simple as that.
  • You must be 15+ to apply for GM on Maple Valor.
  • You must get along with all of the current staff members. Every staff member gets a vote as to whether someone will be hired or not.
  • You must be a mature and respectful player.
  • If you are aware of another GM breaking the rules and you do not report it to the Admins you will lose your GM position.
  • Everyone gets THREE chances to apply.
    If you apply and fail to meet any one of these prerequisites, you will automatically be rejected. No questions asked.

General Questions
1.) Name/Age/Location:
2.) Character Name:
3.) Contact information(e-mail/skype etc):
4.) What position are you applying for?
5.) What languages are you fluent in?

6.)How often during the week are you free?
7.)How many hours, daily, would you be available during the weekdays/weekends?

Gaming Experience
8.) How long have you played Maplestory?
9.) How long have you played Maple Valor?
10.) How long have you been playing MMOs?

Game Master
11.) Have you ever been a GM of another server?
12.) How long did you stay in that position?
13.) What was required of you in this position?
14.) Do you have proof of your experience?

Forum Moderator
15.) Have you ever been a forum moderator of another server?
16.) How long did you hold this position?
17.) What was required of you in this position?
18.) Do you have proof of your experience?

Development & Coding(Please also pm this portion of your application to Tokeu)
19.) Have you ever been a Developer or Coder of another Server?
20.) What experience did you gain?
21.) How long were you in the position?
22.) What languages do you have experience in?
23.) Link to examples of work:

Maple Valor General Questions
1.) A fellow staff member is abusing his/her powers, what do you do?
2.) A fight is going on among some players, how would you settle the situation?
3.) How does one go about donating to Maple Valor?
4.) How long must you have played prior to applying as a staff member?
5.) What is the age limit requirement to apply for a staff position?

1.) Why do you want to be part of the Maple Valor staff?
2.) What do you bring to the table as a GM?
3.) Why should we hire you, as a person?

A few pointers...

  • Use colors! It makes your application a little easier to read. Personally, I'd avoid colors that are hard to read on this forum.
  • Add personality to your answers, humor always helps and loosens up the readers a bit. If you can manage to make me laugh from your application, you have a 75% better chance of getting hired. I like having staff who I can enjoy talking to! (:
  • Don't kiss ass.
  • Don't bug us about your application. If you ask a GM to read your application you will be denied, whether you're a good friend of a staff member or not.
  • Don't lie.

Good luck!
That is all.

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