Nine Spirit's Egg bug.

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Nine Spirit's Egg bug. Empty Nine Spirit's Egg bug.

Post by MikeLilRed on Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:07 pm

After me and Kevin(Shimmy) did HT, I got an "Nine Spirit's Egg".
I went to do the quest. Only to find it to not work and take my Nine Spirit's Egg.

The quest line is :
Go to Kumo in Leafre - Accept the quest "Hero's Mark" - Go to Leafre : Wyvern Canyon and talk to Raul the Knight.
Talk to Raul the Knight again and accept the quest "Dragon Squad's Mission" - Then go to Leafre: Nine Spirit's Nest. You get there by going to Leafre: Peak of the Big Nest and then clim the top right rope and then at Leafre: Below the Dangerous Nest you enter the portal. It takes your "Nine Spirit's Egg" when you enter the map.

While the original quest line on says :
"Go to Leafre: Nine Spirit's Nest and drop the Nine Spirit's Egg. A Nine Spirit's Baby Dragon will hatch after that."


I sat there for 15 minutes but no Baby Dragon or even the egg popped up.


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