My nx/cube/scrolls idea!

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My nx/cube/scrolls idea! Empty My nx/cube/scrolls idea!

Post by Burke on Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:01 pm

(in the end you guys can decide the nx rates from mobs and how much items would cost in the nx to item trader, this is just an example!)

So say if this actually is accepted we get nx from mobs, then there is a nx to items trader, and thats how we get cubes, prot scrolls, white scrolls, ect, but not the amount of nx we get atm because tbh is really low. So how about this. All the cubes in cash shop are unable to be bought if this actually happens.

Example: Super miracle cubes cost: 5k nx, Miracle cubes: 2k nx, Revo cubes: 8-10k nx,
Enlight cubes: 10k nx, protection scrolls:15-20k nx, whitescrolls 10k nx, and so on, and so on.

Heres what the monsters nx rates would be like:

Map: Lionheart castle.

Crocodiles: 275 nx ea
Then the nx rate goes down 50% for a full party.
(aka each additional player is -10%nx per kill)

Yes I know that there are cubes via the vote npc, but lets be honest 11 miracle cubes for 36 hours worth of voting is not really worth it, and maplestory private servers are suppose to revolve around getting cubes faster and bossing and initially having the most fun a player can have, but still having to work for it.

This is my suggestion and I hope you can take it into consideration, and thanks for reading this through Smile


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