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My GM And Forum Moderator Application Empty My GM And Forum Moderator Application

Post by Vegito on Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:02 am

General Questions

1.) Name/Age/Location:

My name in real life is Benjamin, but most people just call me Ben. I'm also fine with being called by any of my internet names, such as Seido, CarterKayne, and Vegito. I'm fifteen years old, turning sixteen in a few months. I live in Chicago, Illinois in the USA. I go by Central Standard Time.

2.) Character Name:

My main IGN is Vegito.

3.) Contact information(e-mail/skype etc):

My email is My Skype name is Vegito, but due to how common the name is, it might be easier for me to add you first.

4.) What position are you applying for?

I am applying for both the GM position, as well as a forum and chatbox moderator position.

5.) What languages are you fluent in?

I am fluent in English, but I am fairly proficient in Spanish. Depending on the topic, I might be able to carry out a conversation in Spanish, but there are some large gaps in my knowledge of the language.


6.)How often during the week are you free?

Over the next few days, until Monday, I will be rather busy due to preparation for school; I will have enough time to be on the forum and the server though. However, as of Monday, my school year begins. My available hours during the school year will fluctuate a bit due to the nature of my classes. However, aside from a day here and there, I should still have enough free time to be an active staff member.

7.)How many hours, daily, would you be available during the weekdays/weekends?

As I stated in the previous question, it all depends. My school work fluctuates greatly, but for the most part, I should have at least a few hours a day free.

Gaming Experience

8.) How long have you played Maplestory?

I've been playing GMS since shortly after the Big Bang revamp. I've been playing KMS for around a year and a half, and I've been playing JMS for about a year. I play GMS and KMS a great deal, however it isn't too often that I play JMS.

9.) How long have you played Maple Valor?

I have been playing Maple Valor for the past 16, nearly 17 days; however, I had played on Maple Origins for quite some time.

10.) How long have you been playing MMOs?

I've played MMOs for a large portion of my life. The first two, as with many, must have been Club Penguin and Runescape. Being that I began playing those around second or third grade, I suppose that I've been playing MMOs in general for the past eight, nearly nine years. However, the amount that I play them has greatly increased over the past four or five years.

Game Master

11.) Have you ever been a GM of another server?

I've played in multiple other servers, however the most notable of which was Axed MS. I was a GM there for a short while before retiring.

12.) How long did you stay in that position?

Due to my busy schedule at the time, I retired not too long after I acquired the position. I believe that I held it for approximately 3 or 4 months before retiring. I had been with the server for a while before I became a GM though, and I remain on good terms with most of the staff that I got to know, including one of the owners.

13.) What was required of you in this position?

I was required to be online a good lot, during which time I was supposed to help people, host events, find glitches, catch, report, and ban rule-breakers, among some other activities. I also often took it upon myself to handle issues on the forum, in the chat-box, and to report important issues directly to the moderators of the forum.

14.) Do you have proof of your experience?

If it would help, I could give you the Skype contact of one of the owners.

Forum Moderator

15.) Have you ever been a forum moderator of another server?

I haven't been  a moderator on other servers, however I have been a moderator and helper on many forums. I was an Elite, or mini-mod, on one website. I also was a DJ on Maple Radio for a while, which involved some forum use. In addition to the official positions, I often take it upon myself to help some of the forum moderators by reporting people, helping people, and so forth on other websites.

16.) How long did you hold this position?

It all depends on the position. My favorite position, being the one called elite, I held for multiple months. On some of the forums that I helped the staff on, I was often  there for many months, even years, however it all depends on the forum.

17.) What was required of you in this position?

The most demanding position, being the elite position, consisted of some forum moderation, helping people, reporting rule-breakers, participating in staff discussions, making Maple IDs for KMS, handing out KMS accounts to users, among other things.

18.) Do you have proof of your experience?

As with the Axed MS GM position, I could give you the Skype contacts of some of the staff members of some of the websites. The other staff members that I held the elite position is the only one that I really maintained long term contact with though, so contacting the others may be very difficult.

Development & Coding(Please also pm this portion of your application to Tokeu)

19.) Have you ever been a Developer or Coder of another Server?

No, unfortunately I have very little coding experience. I took three short classes on it though. The first of which consisted of some basic coding in a certain program. The second two were about making maps and quests for Starcraft 2 and certain DnD games. However, I have nearly no experience with any coding language. Being that I have such little experience with  coding, I'm not applying for the position. However, I look forward to taking a class at my school over the next couple of years.

20.) What experience did you gain?

In the classes I learned some minimal amount as to how coding worked, but no real coding language.

21.) How long were you in the position?

Each class lasted around 2 weeks.

22.) What languages do you have experience in?

As stated above, none.

23.) Link to examples of work:

I really don't have any examples of my work, sorry.

Maple Valor General Questions

1.) A fellow staff member is abusing his/her powers, what do you do?

I take a screenshot or video of the act and then show it to one of my superiors who possess the power to act upon what the other staff member was doing.

2.) A fight is going on among some players, how would you settle the situation?

I tell/ask all of the players to cease and desist and warn them of the consequences if they were to continue. Depending on the situation, I might ask for both or all of the sides of the story in order to see if punishments are required. If they continued, I would carry out said punishments that I warned them about previously.

3.) How does one go about donating to Maple Valor?

To donate to Maple Valor, you must contact the owners of the server via Skype and ask for the specific details as to how to donate.

4.) How long must you have played prior to applying as a staff member?

A player must have played on the server for at least two days and must have a character at least at level 120.

5.) What is the age limit requirement to apply for a staff position?

An applicant must be at least sixteen years old to apply for a staff position.


1.) Why do you want to be part of the Maple Valor staff?

So that I can have power over other members, obviously. Just kidding. Having played Maplestory for multiple years, I can honestly say that it's by far one of my favorite games, and private server are often the best way to play it. Out of all of the private servers that I have played on, I remember Maple Origins being one of the best, having excellent features, a nice staff, and a rather kind community. As such, when I received the email that it was back, I was naturally overjoyed. Being the Maplestory player and forum whore that I am, I'd love to be on the staff of this server. I've always loved playing Maplestory and using forums, so  being a staff member would allow me to do both even more so than usual. I'd also love to participate in helping improve the server. With as much as I enjoy Maplestory, and more specifically this server, I'd like to help make it better. As much as I can do so from the position of a regular member, I believe that I can contribute much more as a staff member. That just about covers it.

2.) What do you bring to the table as a GM?

I have a good lot of experience as both a Mapler and a GM, as well as a solid work ethic. With my experience, both with Maple and people, I believe that I can provide efficient help to both the server and players as a GM and, or a forum moderator. Regarding forum moderation, I have a vast experience with forums and forum moderation. This, combined with my love for forums, being a forum whore and all, I believe that I could be a very helpful forum moderator. Also, as a side note, I also do quite a bit of writing, vlogging, and LPing. As such, I believe that should I be given permission to post such things on the forum, I could provide entertaining content for people to watch, read, and listen to while on the forum, and even while playing on the server.

3.) Why should we hire you, as a person?

Well, if I haven't already made it clear, I'm quite the narcissist. Now it's time for the narcissism lightning round though, so here I go! I'm rather intelligent and have a damn good education, which should allow me to help the server and forum more efficiently. I also have a rather good sense as to when I need to be kind, strict, or humorous, among other things, which allows me to be a good judge as to how I need to act and respond to different situations. Despite my natural intelligence and maturity, lately I've been working on keeping my cool and acting even more mature than usual. Even though I began in a rather good place, I believe that I've made great progress in both areas, especially over the past few months. I also have a rather strong control over the English language, meaning that I can convey and understand things quite easily. If I haven't made it clear already, I rather enjoy playing Maplestory, among other games, so I will always have at least some enthusiasm and urge to get in-game and play. And of course, as a forum whore, I'll always have an urge to go check the forums and see if anything needs to be done, be it closing a thread, or answering a question. As mentioned earlier, I also speak some Spanish. With the amount of Hispanic people on the internet, it's only a matter of time before one attempts to play on the server, and with any luck, I should be able to help him or her when that time comes. I'm also a rather hard worker and a fast learner, so I Should be able to both get work done and adapt to new situations. Well, that's just about all of the narcissism that I can spew out right now, so I hope that you enjoyed and liked my application. See you guys around.


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My GM And Forum Moderator Application Empty Re: My GM And Forum Moderator Application

Post by Duke on Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:32 pm

Shesh, such a long post. Oh well, good luck getting the position!

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My GM And Forum Moderator Application Empty Re: My GM And Forum Moderator Application

Post by Vegito on Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:36 pm

Duke wrote:Shesh, such a long post. Oh well, good luck getting the position!
Thanks, and sorry for the length. See you around!


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My GM And Forum Moderator Application Empty Re: My GM And Forum Moderator Application

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