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[Video] Inner Ability NPC Empty [Video] Inner Ability NPC

Post by Tokeu on Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:29 pm

Hey guys,
since server is not online yet figured I'd release stuff here, atleast until its up.

So heres the Inner Ability NPC Video:

Few notes about it:
1. Prices:
- The prices are not yet decided, I've just randomaly picked some reasonable prices I believe, we might and probably change it in the future.
2. Inner Ability Store:
- Coins: Available in Donator NPC, are used to buy Special items in the Inner Ability store & in the Donator Store.
- Circulators: Rank 9 to 2 Circulators will appear in the store by honor level, e.g: Honor level 20: Circulator Rank-9 will be added to the store, Honor level 30: Circulator Rank-8 will be added to the store, works up to honor level 90 like that. Special, Ultimate & Rank-10 Circulators will be available for any honor level player.

3. Locks:
- Cash item Inner Ability A / B Rank Lock: This item only locks the Inner Ability's RANK, once a circulator is used the inner ability it self will change, but the rank will remain and the new inner ability will be a A / B (depends on what rank you locked) Rank Inner Ability
- Permant Locks: Available for Donator Points, will the lock the Inner Ability it self permanently, unless it is unlocked, the inner ability will never change once a Circulator is used.

Feel free to leave comments on the video or here, both is fine...

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