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Post by Anna on Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:48 pm

In game

1. No spamming - Constant spamming is, of course, frowned upon and will result in consequences.

2. No linking inappropriate material - Do not use super megaphones, or any other chat tool, to relay messages with links to inappropriate material of any sort, this will result in a ban.

3. Respect Maple Valor staff - The staff are here to help you, if you cannot be mature and respectful towards them they have every right to deny you help.

4. No advertising - Do not advertise other servers. This will result in an immediate ban.

5. Do not impersonate staff - Never pretend to be a regular player who is a staff member, or make an account with a name similar to a staff member on purpose. Impersonating a staff member will get you banned.

6. Speaking poorly of the server - If you have issues with the server, personal or technical, please report them on the forums or to a staff member.

7. Report hackers - This is self explanatory, if you see someone hacking please report them.


1. No Spamming - Posting meaningless replies/threads that contribute nothing to the forum. This also includes double posting, triple posting, etc. If you forgot to add something to your reply, please go back and edit the original post.

2. Inappropriate material - Pornographic material of any sort is not permitted. Violent material is allowed in moderation, IF the content is not too graphic and age appropriate.

3. Multiple Accounts - Do not create multiple accounts or impersonate another person, if caught, all accounts belonging to the source will be punished.

4. Searching - Please take advantage of the "Search" function. If you have a question or want to make a topic, please try and search if the forum has already existing topics using keywords.

5. Read the Stickies - Make sure to check the stickies with each section, because the sections may have their own additional rules. In addition, if there is a sticky for what you want to post, do not make a new thread, use the sticky. Failure to use the sticky may result in a warning or ban.

6. Names- Please do not make similar names to any admin/mod. This is not tolerated, and will result in a ban. Also, be prudent in your name choice. If your name is too vulgar, you will be asked to change it.

7. Grammar- Please use the best grammar possible while posting on the forums, so the community may understand you more thoroughly.

8.Advertising- Advertising for other websites or servers is completely unacceptable and consequences will follow this act.

9.Flaming the server- Talking badly about the server or the server's staff will not be allowed. If you don't like the server, as stated above, please report any issues to the Admins or make a respectful post on the forums.

10. If you can't handle criticism, don't post it. - If you are posting a thread and requesting the honest opinion of the forums please be able to handle any harsh criticism thrown towards you. If you ask for honesty, you'll receive it, but be prepared for it. We will not tolerate whining from people who ask for honesty.

PM an Admin if you feel there should be rules added.

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