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Post by Burke on Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:56 pm

hi guys id like to make a couple suggestions, idk if they are possible so please dont hate if i request something that isent possible Smile.

1 > cubing npc.
2 > The higher your insight level, the faster you get from rare to legendary.
3> Maybe a shop that sells white scrolls, enhancement scrolls, and 10% scrolls, that would be cool!

well thats pretty much my suggestions Smile

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Some suggestions Empty Re: Some suggestions

Post by MikeLilRed on Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:16 pm

1 : No need to repost something. Cubing isn't that bad. Lazy ppl. Razz
2 : Would be usefull but it would need to be a very low percentage. Because if insight we're to get to lvl 100 it would be lame if we would get instant rare-epic-unique-legendary.
3 : You can get Advanced Equipment Enhancement Scrolls from 30 Super Miracle Cube Fragments. And higher lvl mobs drop Equipment Enhancement Scrolls. White Scrolls are outdated. You can get Shield Scrolls and Protection Scrolls from the Cash shop. If not These should be in some other NPC in the future.The shop idea basically means we could get perfect scrolled equipment just like that. As fun as it would be, I don't like spoonfeeding much. -1 for this one.


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